Month: January 2023

Does a Stock Dividend Dilute the Price Per Share as Would a Forward Stock Split?

In this case, for every share owned, 0.2 of a share (called a fractional share) is awarded to the shareholder. Thus, the investor with 10,000 shares would own a total of 12,000 shares (10,000 x 1.2) after collecting the dividend. In the case of a cash dividend, shareholders receive a payment in cash that is…

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Working Remotely: Pros and Cons of Remote Work from Hotjar

Content Promotes healthier employee lifestyles Corporate Training as a Tool for Achieving the Goals and Tasks of the Company Day Work Week: Benefits and Advantages Hot-Desking Spaces: Open, Communal, Trendy Mean for Returning To The Office Remote Work: Cons Flexible Schedule This can also be a poor use of time management and increase costs for…

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