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Alphabet is rolling generative A I. into everything. Now it just has to figure out how to make money

Generative Tech Is the Next Big Disruption in the Creative Industry Summit Therapeutics (SUMM) is raising £38.7m at 22.1p a share with most of the shares being acquired by Robert W Duggan who will own 72.8% of the antibiotics developer. GP clinical software supplier DXS International (DXSP) broadly maintained its interim revenues at £1.66m. It…

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Creating and Deploying Conversational Artificial Intelligence Interfaces

Now, the main issue is that we have several low-level analytics platforms, but almost nothing for marketing analytics. Currently analytics are more of a developer tool to make bot mechanics better, so there are actually no tools available for business improvements. One of the most exciting new features of Voiceflow is the introduction of the…

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